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Open for Business

Anyone trying to get into the Free Agents list recently will have found themselves unable to register – this was because it was closed for a short time for a bit of cleanup from last year. Postings on the Free Agents lists and in the Lost & Found have been removed to make room for this year’s stuff as well as most of the users.

Registration has now been opened up.

Any individuals interested in joining a team for the coming season can use the Free Agent lists to introduce themselves to the teams.  Since each team is responsible for creating and maintaining their own roster, there is no general registration supplied by the leagues and we are unable to let you know about costs (each team handles their finances differently – sponsors, sugar daddies, whatever). Those interested in Co-ed should post on the GTCSPL List while those interested in the men’s league should post on the RCMSPL List.

For anyone who posted something in the last month or so, it’s possible that it was removed when I was cleaning things out – simply log in (register again if that was also removed) and post your info in the appropriate spot.

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Border Battle 2014

For those that may be interested – and please pass this along to your teammates and help spread the word. Click on the ticket above to view the schedule for the 2014 Border Battle.

This is the premier event for SloPitch and this year it is being held in Kitchener at Peter Hallman Park – July 24th through the 26th.

16 Round-robin games involving:

  • Team Canada
  • Team Canada Selects
  • Team USA
  • Team USA Futures
  • Team Europe
  • Team Quebec
  • Home Run Sports All Star team

With the final game pitting the USA National Team against the Canadian National Team

This event features 17 games over 3 days and a homerun derby on Saturday night. These are the best of the best players and it will certainly be a show worth watching.

If you don’t want to order online, I will have tickets available at the Guelph Lake diamonds Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. Tickets are only $20 for access to all of the games and events. There will be prize giveaways, a beer tent, concession stands, etc. Find me if you want to buy some.

Please help promote this by sending it to your players and any friends who may be interested!

Thank you

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Border Battle 2014

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Sports field status

This was posted today on the City website:

May 1, 2014 

Due to the excessive amounts of rain we have received over the past few days, all sports fields will remain closed throughout and including Monday May 5th.

Staff will reassess field conditions on Monday to determine whether fields will be playable beginning Tuesday May 6th.

 We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we work to get our sports fields up and running for the season.

The date for the opening of the diamonds has now been listed as “to be determined”, so we’ll have to play it by ear for the first little while until the weather stabilizes.


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League Bat Policy

A Note From SPO:

We wanted to clarify some confusion on the Bat Policy and the League Bat Policy for the 2014 season.

We realize that not all players and teams, especially at the lower levels, will have, or even want, these “new” bats and we are cognizant that some Leagues have their own views of what rules they want to use.

SPO has always, and will continue, to allow individual Leagues to modify their rules to best suit their membership. This is especially true when it comes to which bats they will allow for play. Each League may determine what bats will be allowed in their own League.

For example, Leagues may wish to continue using our previous policy which allows any bat that has the new USSSA logo, or the older “USSSA BPF 1.20” wording stamped on the bat. Some Leagues may wish to allow only the “old” aluminum bats. Still others may wish to adopt the policy followed in our Elite Programs (as set out above). The choice belongs to the individual League! SPO is here to provide services and benefits to our Members and to assist Leagues with their programs, not control them. (Please also be aware that no matter what policy you decide on, wooden softball bats are always legal.)

One of the concerns Leagues may have is to know that the bats used in their League are, in fact, legal and do not exceed the legal limit. SPO has purchased several Bat Compression Testers. These are available on a rental basis to allow a League to test the bats used in their League. Any interested Leagues should contact the SPO office for further details.

WARNING: Anyone purchasing a new model bat should make sure it has the new “USSSA BPF 1.20” (Thumbprint) logo on it. Be sure you know where your new “legal looking” bat has come from. Some illegal bats are being repainted or ‘doctored’ and sold as “legal” bats. These bats can be dangerous and if someone was injured by one of these altered bats, the batter, and the person repainting/selling it, may be liable and any liability insurance they have could be null and void. Ignorance of where a bat came from or that it has been altered is not an excuse. This also means one should be careful when borrowing a teammate’s bat unless you know for sure it is a legal bat. Please note that bats with multiple standards listed must meet all the requirements of each of these standards.

If you need any more information about the Bat Policy, please feel free to contact us at (905) 646-7773 or

Kindest Regards,

The SPO Team

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